Sunday, April 24, 2011

Potatoes, Plants & Chickens

Work is really starting to pick up on the farm now. There is still tones of snow on the ground, which means we are busy in the sheds packing seed potatoes, in the greenhouse starting thousands of seedlings and in the chicken coop with our first batch of chicks.

I know I have talked about our potatoes before, they happen to be one of my favorite vegetables. Also we grow quite a few, over 30 varieties and this year nearly 30 acres. We package our potatoes in small to large bags and ship them across the country to home gardeners, market gardeners and garden centres. You can find our catalogue online at

This is our second year on the farm with a greenhouse and the second year growing tones of vegetables. Right now it is packed full of tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs & a few flowers. Last week we brought in a bunch of metal for an expansion. Due to the increased interest in our CSA Community Shared Agriculture vegetable delivery program we need to double the growing room. Unfortunately we ran out of room last week so the expansion is needed in a bad way.

The newest project on the farm this year is our Chickens. I have been raising a dozen laying hens for the past couple years to lay eggs for my family and a few friends. But this year we have decided to take it to the next level and bring on a total of 299 laying hens so that we can sell eggs through our CSA Shares on farm and at farmers markets.

Just this past week we received our first 35 chicks and so far they are doing fantastic. Before the summer is over we will have to build a new chicken coop to house them throughout the cold winter months. Plans are to build a coop out of straw bales. I will post pictures when we start building and will also be looking for help in the process if anyone is interested.

You can find out more about our CSA Vegetable Delivery Program on our website at

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