Monday, September 12, 2011

Straw Bale Chicken Coop, Day 1 & 2

 We have been planning to build a chicken coop all summer.  Well actually the initial plan was to have it started in June, but as long as we can get it up before the cold fall weather sets in we will be alright.

The coop is situated on an existing concrete pad, so we had to create a level foundation to set the bales on.  I think we started about 3 weeks ago with the foundation, creating the windows, rafters and top plate.  

Saturday morning we set in place the first bales.  Surprisingly for a straw bale building, there is very little straw bale work to do.  The bales go up just like legos, only a little heavier.

By 6:00 all the bales, windows and top plate were in place, one of the walls was braced and the tarps went up..

All was great until sunday afternoon when the winds picked up and blew over the north facing unsupported wall..   Fortunately no people or chickens were inside at the time.  Also the north wall was the most basic, no windows or doors, so it only took us 2 hours to but back up..

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