Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It has been over a month since we fired up the stove in our new greenhouse and I am continually amazed at how well everything has been growing.

We are trying to do everything from seed to harvest with out synthetic fertilizers this season, so it has been a bit of a learning experience. I will have to admit that we did use up some old bags of Promix BX, which does contain synthetic micro nutrients. We only did this because I had the bags and didn't want to throw them in the garbage. We are now starting to create our own potting mix with a combination of peat and compost. I will keep you posted on how well it works.

I found a product called fish agri, which I am told is used to supply nutrients to the growing seedlings prior to transplant, which I was told is needed in greenhouse production. Admittedly I was quite skeptical that this brown fishy mixture was going to be the answer to growing without synthetics, especially after the first application stunk up my greenhouse for a day.. But sure enough the onions and zinnias, which were starting to look a little yellow, are now green as ever..

Last year one of our potato customers gave us some heirloom black tomato seed that he had been saving each year. We grew a number of these plants in our u-pick last year, absolutely amazing flavour, them kept a couple fruit to save the seeds for our selves. From the 5 tomatoes we took seeds from last fall we now have over 100 plants in the greenhouse. We will be growing about 7 varieties in all this year, but one I am most looking forward to is called Chocolate Cherry.


  1. Thanks for starting to put up blog posts again. We are one of your Calgary CSA members and it is nice to hear what is happening at the farm. I can't tell you how excited we are to get our first basket. Are you going to be doing your Calgary Drops at the new Kingsland Farmers Market? It sounds like the perfect place for you guys!

  2. Seed saving too!? Is there ANYthing you don't do around that hippie commune?!