Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planting Season

May long is generally our key to start planting and this year was no exception. We did get the carrots, beets, parsnips and onions in last month, but once again our Alberta spring has been full of surprises. The first half of May was far warmer than what we are now experiencing, and that snow storm last weekend was a good reminder that their is no hurry getting those delicate vegetables into the ground too early.

But now it is June and everything, as usual, needs to be in the ground TODAY!!. We two boys from the local high school who work on the farm, planting a bunch of spuds yesterday, and our crew of ladies are busy planting and transplanting hundreds of perennials throughout the gardens.

This year we are growing 200 tomato plants to supply our U-pick, farm store and Community shared Agriculture Vegetable Delivery. Plans are to have the bulk of the plants in our greenhouses, planted directly into the soil. They are starting to bloom in their pots, so I think it is time to get them in the ground.

Finally for this post a note on our Tulips. They are looking fantastic, nice and tall, full of colour and are lasting for ever. Unfortunately we will not have any for sale. These in the picture are right beside my house, protected from Bambi, who ate the 4000 we had growing out in the gardens.. I am sure it would have made for a great picture, but not so great for flower sales. We might have to move all the tulips next to the house, or buy a really big dog next year to keep the deer away.

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