Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is here

Summer is here and so our our first veggies. I am always taken back when the radishes are ready for market because we quickly switch from planting and getting the farm ready for the public to harvest time. First it is the radish, second are the garlic scapes and then strait into flowers. It is hard to see but in this picture there is our first garlic scape poking out of it's sheith. This year we will be selling the scapes at Innisfail Growers Farmers Market Booths. You can use scapes just the same a garlic cloves, only earlier....

My girlfriend thought that we needed something red out in the U-pick for this season and I thought that a tool shed would be useful. so we married the two ideas together and came up with this, a red tool shed "Ray's Red Shed" We have most of the siding on, just need to frame a door and it will be ready.

It won't be long until the maze design for this year needs to be cut, but first we have to make sure the weeds are under control. Here we are using our "state of the art" wheel hoes to cut down some chick weed and lambs quarters. I think these pics were taken on Saturday and when we were out again this morning the sunflowers had doubled in size. It is hard to believe but the corn and sunflowers in the maze will grow up to 2-4 inches every day from now until we open the maze in 26 days.

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