Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What does a farmer do in the rain?

After last season, I had totally forgot what it was like to continually start to the sky for the slightest ray of sun. However, this year on the other hand has been completely different. Another 3 inches of rain the past couple days. So here are some pics of what we do..

I can hardly believe it, but on July 13th I had to start up my stove in the greenhouse. the temp was dropping below 10 degrees, so to avoid developing misshaped fruit we had to start a fire to keep the temp up... On July 13th...

The next job was to see the damage in the field. Nothing too terribly horrible, however; I think these peonies will have a permanent kink in their stems after been blown horizontal.

Here are some pics of beans and swiss chard, which will definitely have to be washed before eaten. I think on some of the plants there is more dirt than chard. Not to worry, a couple days of sun after all this rain will make things grow like crazy.

I know this is going to sound really weird, but I was irrigating today as well. We grow all our lilies under plastic tunnels to protect them from the hail. The one downside is that on rainy days, the lilies do not see any of the moisture. This really bothered me that I have to irrigate on one of the wettest years in recent years, on the flip side the water reservoir probably rose more from run off than I was able to pump out today.

Then their is staff to deal with. We employ 8 people on the farm, some full time, most part time, all but 1 was in for work today and I don't think I would have been the most popular person if I were to make everyone work outside for the day. Fortunately we had loads of work to do rebuilding our farm store, signs for the maze, cleaning our potato storage & packing sheds and random cleaning jobs to get done. Everyone did a fantastic job and the place is almost ready for Summer. Anyone have an idea on when Summer is going to start this year?

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